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رمز عبور

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Friday, 23 February 2024            ساعت:

Arian Laban Nagesh –e- Jahan Company with years of experience in installing and commissioning tens of powdered milk and whey manufacturing companies as well as the exploitation of an experienced and skilled team of personne

l within the industry began its operations in 2011 under the brand name “Montera.” This company is proud of the fact that it has observed legal requirements and domestic and international quality system management including AC and winning the Crescent Award in order to move ahead in the direction of manufacturing top of the line quality products to compete in domestic and international markets.

The company management team always considers the following perspectives as a means of reaching the overall organizational objectives:

- Full assessment of customer satisfaction to ensure continual product satisfaction being marketed.

- Proper handling of customer complaints.

- Accurate planning to supply and to manufacture high end products in a timely manner and running appropriate control measures.

- Full observance of health requirements in accordance with GMP/GHP, HACCP standards.