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Friday, 12 April 2024            ساعت:

Quality and Safety Policy

Arian Laban Nagesh –e- Jahan Company is recognized as one of the highly specialized manufacturers of industrialized milk powder, whey powder and cream with motto of “Healthy Food” throughout the country. To gain the satisfaction of our customers, this company has placed the application of the state of the art machinery and equipment and the exploitation of an experienced team of personnel which is well-informed on the topics of accepted standards and health and hygiene issues as well as the utilization of first rate raw materials and the observance of the international standard ISO 22000:2005, HACP,ISO 9001:2008 at the top of its organizational agenda. The company executive management has specified the perspectives to realize its overall objectives as follows:

- Continual assessment of customer satisfaction.

-  Appropriate and correct handling of customer complaints.

- Accurate planning for the supply and the manufacture of high end products in a timely manner and running proper control measures.

- Encouraging personnel participation in decision making and conducting suitable training programs in order to promote motivation and a sense of creativity.

- Full observance of all health and hygiene requirements in accordance with GMP/GHP, HACCP standards.

- Sustaining a fruitful business enterprise and improving defined services within the domain of company activities.

The executive management of the company witha full trust and resolution supports the implementation of the above noted considerations in close conformity to ISO 22000:2005, HACP, ISO 9001:2008 system and expects each and every one of the employees on its personnel team to extend their all-out cooperation to assist the efforts of the organization management and the supervisor of food safety team in making the realization of the aforementioned sets of standards a possibility.

Considering the importance of the manufacturing chain and with full regards for the agricultural mobilization efforts, the environment, the Livestock Breeder’s Union, livestock breeders and students studying related fields, the company undertakes to make its professional consultation services available so that high quality products are continuously presented to consumers.

All priorities outlined for the overall company policy are supported by qualitative and hygienic objectives and the management representative has been assigned the task of preparing relevant reports on the progress of such objectives to be presented to the management team for further reviews and considerations. In fact, a team of well-trained and responsible personnelis the most valuable asset to the entire company and  is considered as the main support pillar in the realization of general objectives.  We welcome and respect the viewpoints and comments of our personnel and encourage them to partake in decision making. This policy has been explicitly transferred to all company ranks through proper training so that a thorough understanding of company policies by all personnel can be ensured. Moreover, to ascertain the appropriate continuity of achieving company objectives, the review and the control of effective management system is carried out annually.